I Am Creating Brave-tan, a Crypto Waifu for Brave and BAT, and Would Like Your Help!

The Brave-tan Project

Hi everyone.

Yes, you read that right. I am in the process of creating Brave-tan, our very own waifu for the Brave web browser and the Basic Attention Token.

Please visit her website at https://brave-tan.moe/ for a quick introduction or continue reading below.

What This Is

A waifu is a cute fictional female anime character that is a symbol of great affection and interest.

The term can reference characters from popular animated series or is used to describe original characters from everything such as Earth-chan, Clorox-chan, Tidepod-chan to Chrome-chan, Firefox-chan, Internet Explorer-chan, and even Monero-chan.


These often reflect and amplify real-life cultural trends such as the resurgence of flat earthers and growing interest in global warming in the case of Earth-chan.

They can play an important but often unacknowledged role in shaping popular opinion, perception, and engagement of young, online-savvy people in particular.

Brave-tan wants to become a prominent waifu and original internet meme for the Brave and BAT community, where there is none.

She is a product of the creativity of a number of long-time BAT holders in a certain anonymous image board.

Her name comes from a play on words between the Brave browser and the playful Japanese “tan” honorific, which rhymes with Basic A-tan-tion Token.

Why You Want It

According to Brave’s own demographic data:

  • 69% of users are young adults
  • 75% consider themselves early adopters with tech
  • 33% consider themselves hardcore gamers
  • Japan is one of the biggest Brave browser demographics

I believe this data creates the space for us to be able to reach new, young people who are at their element with new tech, spend a significant time playing hardcore games (many of which are Japanese), and are likely to also enjoy growing forms of entertainment such as anime, memes, and streaming.

Anime itself is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States alone and has been growing steadily to the point where Sony bought out the American anime streaming company Crunchyroll for over $1 billion dollars a little over four months ago.

In short, much like comic book heroes surged in popularity after the 2002 release of the Spiderman movie, I don’t think this is something that should be ignored.

Genshin Impact Characters

Just six months ago the game Genshin Impact exploded in popularity and grossed over $100 million dollars only two weeks after release.

Core to their business and engagement model is the concept of beautiful, well-designed characters that breed adoration among gamers and fanbases, sometimes to the point of them spending thousands of dollars to be able to have them.

These often have positive feedback loop effects, with talented artists freely making character art to promote themselves, and gamers sharing and using the art on social media platforms which drives growth to the game.

And that’s not to mention the massive power that memes can have in driving everything from adoption to awareness to engagement.

This is exactly what I want to happen with Brave and Brave-tan, in our own way.

How To Help

In order to create an original character design for Brave-tan and fuel her as an internet meme I’d like to ask for your help in:

  • Raising her “birthday” fund through tipping BAT
  • Take part of making an internet meme through social media
  • Spreading the news to your friends and media outlets
  • Having fun!

All the art Brave-tan has now is placeholder media for what she “might look like” soon and does not represent her.

You can tip her website, Reddit and Twitter accounts with BAT while using the Brave browser, or send BAT to the Ethereum Donation Wallet address.

This makes Brave-tan the world’s first crypto art project crowdfunded through the Basic Attention Token and the Brave Rewards platform.

I am actually very excited to be using the very same platform I support as a user to create a big meme with everyone.

Some kind anons and Redditors have already tipped enough to meet our minimum funding goal but I believe this has the potential to become even bigger than that (virality, NFTs, games, etc.).

I’ll be active on social media, taking suggestions from the community on Reddit and Twitter, and sharing progress updates with you.

Who Are You?

I like to think of myself as a time-traveling Brendan Eich from the future.

Fleeing from the US after the Great Ad Reset of 2025 when the next puppet president was put into power by the Big Tech regime and all privacy advocates were persecuted, I managed to flee to Japan where I made contact with renowned quantum physicist Michio Kaku.

Together, we played video games, watched anime, petted foxes at a village, and developed a time-travel machine built with JavaScript and powered by our monthly BAT Rewards.

Originally we wanted to go back to Nazi Germany to stop Hitler but we didn’t have enough BAT (I really regret those User Growth Pools now) and only made it as far back as 2021.

I am now trying to save all of you from this bleak future by growing Brave with the help of my newfound knowledge of Japanese culture and cutting-edge media trends.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

Help me make a cute anime girl happy, blow up a big internet meme for the most undervalued project in the crypto market, and basically make you rich and save the country or something.



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